Operation Sweet 16 presentation to Carroll Middle School Student Council I very much appreciate the donation to the cause. A few of the Art Project Students and I with Stacy from Stonebriar Centre Dr. Seuss (Daniel) and Cat-In-The-Hat (Denis) and I at the Dr.Seuss event at Stonebriar Centre

Help us raise money for the troops!

Mission: Possible!

We’re calling all civilians to do their part to help us help our heroes. Tori is challenging everyone (of any age) to sacrifice one birthday of gifts. In lieu of receiving gifts, ask friends to donate to Operation Sweet 16 instead. And teens can make a huge difference by creating their own fundraisers and donating monies raised to Operation Sweet 16 so that we can all assist U.S. Soldiers in need. All proceeds benefit other reputable charities assisting our U.S. Military.

You Can Be a Hero’s Hero at Any Age

Think you can’t help? Operation Sweet 16 was inspired and founded by one 15-year-old girl. All she did was give up her Sweet 16 birthday party and ask all her friends, family members and the community to donate money to her cause. She was on a one-woman mission that became so much more when her friends and the community rallied to support her.

You don’t have to be a teen (or a girl) to participate and it doesn’t matter how much you raise. If five people raise $50, we can help a Soldier in need! It’s not about how much money you raise, but how much money we raise working together.

Become a Member of the OpSweet 16 Special Forces

Check out our list of fundraising ideas or come up with your own! Save up your money and send it in. We’d love to hear how you raised it, what your experience was like and what inspired you to help, so after you donate, please come back and let us know.

If you don’t want to raise money, you can also donate by clicking the donate button above or giving to a participating OpSweet 16 Special Forces member.

Benefits to Participating

In addition to helping America’s troops, those who donate directly to Operation Sweet 16 will receive confirmation of your donation for tax purposes. Students who need recognition for their college or professional résumés will receive a certificate of recognition.

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Donate what you can to help

We're a 501(c)3 that donates to charities that support our U.S. military service people and their families.



    • Margie Salame (Newton Realty Group)
    • Phelps Dunbar, LLP
    • Stonebriar Centre
    • Chick-Fil-A
    • Jason’s Deli
    • HireHeather
    • The Quest Group
    • Robin Jackson Photography
    • Melanie Hill Photography
    • Paper Concepts
    • Blue Sky Graphics