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Summer Runs

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The temperature is rising!! It is finally time for the hot summer runs to truly begin. Today I have my first evening practice in 104 degree weather. This may sound odd, but I am actually excited! The last season is about to begin. It is all so bitter sweet. My senior year will be the best year yet! I plan on making every moment the greatest and every run count. In just a few shorts weeks my Cross Country team will be making their way to state, once again. Go Dragons!

College Ready

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I can not believe that summer is coming to an end. Although I still have some time left, it is safe to say this has been the best summer yet!! Between the excitement of travels and preparing to apply for college I am a very happy girl! I have finished my resume and essays and I am very excited to embark upon my senior year.

To start the new semester off right, I have been invited to speak to the Grapevine Merchants Association. I will be able to explain phase two of Operation Sweet 16 in hopes of making some great business partners.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and a special thanks to a recent partner, Margie Salame, voted best Realtor in Grapevine/Colleyville, Texas who will graciously be donating $100.00 from the close of every home she sells. Thank you, Margie Salame for helping me, help others.

Thank a Soldier today.

Summer is Finally Here

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School is finally out and the temperatures are rising!! With vacations on the way be sure to spread the word about Operation Sweet 16! You can tell the person next to you on the air-plane or the stranger next to you on the beach! Everyone deserves to know! This is such an awesome time to get the word out and any of you who have a summer birthday, remember you can get some friends together and raise money for Operation Sweet 16! Our troops deserve the best. Always keep our Hero’s in your thoughts and prayers!

Thank you for helping me, help others.

Please help others in need by donating to Operation Sweet 16.

Thank You to Our Hero’s

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Within the past couple of weeks, such tragic events have occurred. The nation continues to send help to Boston and West Texas. The nation has come together once again to send others a helping hand. With the devastation, America has been able to recognize our first responders. On-and-off the battle field, these men and women have been thanked for all they do. We will never be able to say thank you enough. Thank you to our first responders at home, and away.

Thank you for helping me, help others.

Please help others in need by donating to Operation Sweet 16.

My Birthday

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I recently celebrated my 17th birthday and had the greatest birthday ever. Started out by heading to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade with my mom, Uncle Barney, a few friends and several thousand people covered in anything and everything green (wigs, hats, beads, t-shirts, capes, etc.). I’m not Irish (that I know of) but I had tons of fun watching everyone celebrate a holiday that I really didn’t know the true meaning of until I’d done a little research ( I found it all very interesting and hope to visit Ireland one day.

I am so grateful for the freedom that each and every one of us has to celebrate openly, in the streets, dressed up, without a care in the world — because there are men and women who are taking care of our front lines so we can be with our friends and family.

A special thank you from me to Heather Barnett at HireHeather who assists with much of the content on my newly revamped website. You’re awesome, Heather!

Thank you for helping me, help others!

Operation Sweet 16 is now a licensed 501(c)3

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My journey to this point has been exciting. It’s all been such an incredible experience and you can help Soldiers and their families in need by spreading the word about Operation Sweet 16 and sacrificing only one birthday (at any age) and asking those who would normally give you gifts, to donate to Operation Sweet 16 instead. It’s a simple sacrifice in return for those who sacrifice so much more for our freedom!

Please like my Operation Sweet 16 facebook page, follow me on twitter and donate today. I’d love to hear all about your fundraising efforts and even share photos of your events.

I’d like to partner with your company or business as well. Please contact me directly and I’d be happy to meet with you.

A special thanks to Stonebriar Centre Mall for all of the incredible support you’ve shown to Operation Sweet 16 through many various events!

Thank you for helping me, help others!

Soldier returning home gets a HUGE HUG from his dog!

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I love these videos of Soldiers returning home to their families and to their elated and beloved pets. I have three dogs of my own and I can’t imagine being separated from my family AND my dogs for long periods of time.

Thank you to our Troops for all of the sacrifices you make for our freedom!