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Soldiers Many Miles Away

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Football season is now over!!  The Super Bowl was so entertaining this year.  Sitting next to a warm fire and surrounded by friends brought the biggest smile to my face.  As the commercials became funnier and funnier, one truly caught my eye.  Across the screen I saw various Soldiers saying hello to their families and loved ones.  They would give a hearty smile and a big wave.  I glanced around the room and saw my friends gleaming faces and it felt as if time stopped.  I was surrounded with warmth and love and when I peeked back towards the television I saw America’s Hero’s waving to their friends.  The Soldiers were not able to wrap their arms around their spouse when the Seahawks scored.  The Soldiers could not pick up their child to express joy when the Broncos scored.  When the Seahawks intercepted the ball, our sweet Soldiers celebrated many miles away.


I think often times it is easy to forget that our freedom is not free.  Always be thankful for each sunrise and sunset.  We live a life of luxury thanks to Americas Hero’s.


Thank you for helping me, help others.

Tori Pimentel


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